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About us

Ndanda Tours is a local tour company based in Arusha delivering specialized and quality tour packages all over Tanzania.

We provide wildlife safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs, Zanzibar beach holidays and cultural tours. We have well experienced and professional guides with extensive knowledge in popular tourist destinations.

It’s in our best interest to provide you with the means of exploring what nature has to offer. Above all, we customize tailor made tours to suit your interests as well as your budget.

Travel with us and Make your dreams come true


We help you explore what nature has to offer as we turn miles into smiles!


Join us for a true trekking experience at the roof of Africa.


Sea breezing in the exotic Zanzibar beaches for ultimate body and mind relaxation.


Learn and experince daily lifestyles of famous indigeneous tribes in Tanzania

Popular Safari Packages

Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves offer spectacular and thrilling safaris. Get a chance to experience a real African bush safari
doing both day and night game drives. It’s in our best interest to provide you with the means of exploring what nature has to offer.

Major Kilimanjaro Climb Packages

Machame 7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb

Machame also known as “whiskey route” is the most popular route for climbing Kilimanjaro. This is due to its great landscape and beautiful scenery. It’s been discovered that a 7 day itinerary has a success rate of 85% while that of a 6 day has 73%.

Marangu 5 Day Kilimanjaro Climb

Marangu also known as cocacola route is the only trail which provides sleeping huts for the hikers with other accommodations like dining halls and toilets.

Lemosho 8 Day Kilimanjaro Climb

Lemosho is the most scenic trail which provides beautiful view of the mountain. It is also much easier to climb due to its longer itineraries of 7 and 8 days meant for acclimatization.

Northern Circuit 9 Day Kilimanjaro Climb

Northern circuit is the longest and newest route on Kilimanjaro. It provides beautiful scenery of the mountain’s northern slopes.  It has the highest success rate of over 95%. Its best suited for climbers with little trekking experience.

Rongai 6 Day Kilimanjaro Climb

Rongai is the route located on the north eastern side of the mountain (leeward side) which enables hikers to get clear views. The route has a more gradual slope making it a moderate climb. This is especially suited for climbers with less trekking experience.



Our guides are Tanzanian residents with extensive knowledge in all the popular destinations. We create exceptional tours for those who wish to explore with us.


We specialize in providing custom made tours to suit your travelling interest and budget as well. It’s in our best interest to turn miles into smiles.


We use modern 4WD land cruisers equipped with pop up roof for a 3600 view, comfortable seats, charging stations and fridge stocked with water and soft drinks.


Faithfulness and customer’s satisfaction is foremost priority. Fair refunding is provided prior to  travel activity as specified in our terms and conditions.


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