Tarangire, the 6th largest national park (2600 sq kms) is located 118 km south west of Arusha in northern Tanzania. The park originates its name from Tarangire river flowing through the park sustaining life to all the animals. It is a home to a variety of wildlife and a breeding site for numerous bird species.

There are several activities to be done in the park including game drives, walking safaris and bird watching.

Facts About Tarangire

  1. Tanzania’s largest population of elephants

The beautiful park is a home to hundreds and biggest of African elephants. There are more than 3000 elephants residing in the park and can be seen in large numbers during dry season. They tend to get more spotted while searching for water.

2. Presence of Baobab (oldest trees ever)

There are numerous number of baobab trees scattered all over the park creating beautiful views. The trees can only survive in these dry conditions because they can store water in their trunks reaching 100 feet in circumference. Baobabs can live up to 1000 years, hence one of the oldest trees!

3. Bird Watching Paradise

Tarangire is blessed with numerous bird species of more than 500 making it a truly bird’s paradise in Tanzania. The park is a home to hornbills, yellow-collared lovebirds, bateleur eagles, mousebirds, vultures, starlings, Kori bustards (heaviest flying bird in Africa) and the famous Masai Ostrich. And those are just few of them.

4. Diversity of Wildlife

There are countless of wildlife species residing in the park. Tarangire is home to the four of the Big Five with the exception of rhino. The park hosts elephants, lions, elands, giraffes, buffalos, wildebeests, leopards, hartebeests, antelopes, baboons, mongoose, Thomson’s gazelles, dik dik, Oryx and lesser Kudu. The park also contains more than 500 bird species.

5. Tree climbing lions and pythons

Lions climbing on trees is a normal thing in Tarangire! They tend to enjoy themselves in the sausage trees which are common in the park. Pythons tending to be dangerous also rests upon the trees.

6. Silale Swamp

The beautiful Silale swamp in the southern park provides a water catchment system. The water supports elephants, lions and numerous bird species. It’s a seasonal swamp which dries in the dry season. However Silale maintains its beautiful green look.   


Tarangire offers game viewing all year round. However there is high concentration of wildlife during high season (June to October).